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Jefferson Grange featured on webcast

Jefferson Grange was recently featured on a webcast by the Maine State Grange Communications Department.

The webcast, available on the Maine State Grange website, is hosted by Communications Director Walter Boomsma. He interviewed Jefferson Grange Secretary and National Grange Membership, Leadership Development and Communications Director Amanda Brozana Rios about the reorganization of Jefferson Grange and its continued growth.

During the program, Brozana Rios talked about "intentionality" of recruiting and outreach or programs.

Boomsma and others have taken notice of the work Jefferson has been doing and are looking for insight into how they can replicate such excitement and success in communities in their states. He said this episode was to talk about laying the groundwork for a successful Grange reorganization or the organization of a new Grange.

He said he hopes to bring a number of Jefferson Grange members onto a follow-up program to talk about what attracted them to Grange after hearing the initial pitch, what has been most exciting about being part of the organization and the challenges of new membership.

You can see the full video, which is nearly an hour in length, here.

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