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Sunflower Field

The Mission and Vision of Jefferson Grange #1384

The mission of Jefferson Grange #1384 is to build local resiliency and sustainability in Southern Schuylkill County.

We will do this by encouraging lifelong education and offering opportunities for skill development; promoting local businesses and agriculture; manufacturing a movement of "planned doing" to raise the quality of life of our neighbors and continue or begin traditions that create community identity; and cultivating a culture of engaged citizenship while offering a voice for our hometowns through grassroots action and advocacy. 

Our Planned Service and Programs

Check back soon for more ways our Grange will positively impact Southern Schuylkill County and beyond

Loading Christmas Trees

Offering Leadership Development, Mentoring and Skill-Building Opportunities

Showcasing Local Business and Agriculture

Investing in Ourselves and Our Neighbors

Building Community Resilience

Jefferson Grange will provide members opportunities to learn, grow and pass on their knowledge to others. From public speaking training to discussions with professionals from a variety of fields in order to broaden our understanding of the world around us, our Grange will be a hub for growth and development of individuals of all ages.

Our multi-generational approach allows for collaborations that will break down barriers and help pass on values and traditions. Members of all ages will find value in Grange events and will enrich others' lives in turn.

Beyond our local chapter, the State and National Grange offer opportunities for members to showcase their talents, enhance their skills, and have new and exciting experiences. 

By offering hometown businesses opportunities to shine and tell their story, Jefferson Grange hopes to encourage a true appreciation for and support of local businesses and producers.

Stemming from the Grange's agricultural roots, we seek to spotlight products and services offered by local farmers and connect consumers in an emotional way to the food system. Going a step further, we will highlight local shop owners, craftsmen and women, business owners and more to promote the efforts of our neighbors, strengthen our local economy and encourage apprenticeships.

Audience Applauding
Sitting by Campfire

Cultivating Community Identity and Honoring "Those Who Do"

Fellowship and Fun

Creating a culture of engaged citizenship and respect

Improving Quality of Life

From sponsoring an annual door-to-door caroling or summer song event to supporting events and projects envisioned and planned by our young members, Jefferson Grange #1384 will set our community apart. 

With an annual "Those Who Do" recognition event and helping to create and coordinate Quilt of Valor awards for our veterans, we will find ways to thank those who make our communities and our nation great and inspire a new generation of do-ers. 

The Grange encourages balance in work and recreation, and as such, we will offer members numerous opportunities to enjoy fellowship and make memories. 

Hiking at Hawk Mountain, and wine tastings are just a few of the ideas we have to enjoy the bounty our area has to offer. We are especially interested in creating group outings to support the activities our members are involved in, along with local farms and businesses.

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