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Fund drive established to help feed Ukrainian refugee families

When you know where you come from - the stock of your people - it's hard to ignore cries from a homeland you may have never visited but you still feel connected to. Such is the case as many of our neighbors in Schuylkill County watch the crisis unfold in Ukraine and see distant cousins flee their native land to become refugees, hungry and unsure of what the future holds.

Schuylkill County municipalities have some of the highest per capita rates of people claiming Ukrainian descent according to data from the US Census Bureau. In fact, of the top 20 municipalities with the highest concentrations of Ukrainian-descending populations, 8 are within our county border.

As we begin to watch people struggle with the basic necessities after abandoning their homes to find refuge in other nearby nations, Jefferson Grange #1384 is taking the step to improve their chances to survive and rebuild by raising funds for the UN World Food Programme and their work to create and distribute emergency food boxes with enough to feed a family for a month.

We have partnered with The Cake Pros, A Blessing Table Company, in Schuylkill Haven to offer a thank you - a giant yellow and blue sunflower-shaped sugar cookie - to donors contributing $5 or more at our in-person events or fund drive locations. This effort is part of Jefferson Grange's Hunger No More campaign, established to raise awareness and take action against food insecurity.

Our current Donation Stations are open during their regular business hours.

The Cake Pros, A Blessing Table Company - Schuylkill Haven

Studio 895 - New Ringgold

Muggles Mug - Jim Thorpe

Carmelo's Roman Delight - Orwigsburg

Palermo Pizza and Restaurant - Minersville

If you are a business and wish to partner with us to collect contributions and provide donors with cookies at your location, or to allow Jefferson Grange members to set up a temporary Donation Station, please contact us at or by phone/text at 301-943-1090.

Donors who stop by Cake Pros will also have the option of receiving a "Support Ukraine" coaster in lieu of a cookie for a $5 donation or more.

"While the need was borne from actions so bitter, your desire to help and willingness to give is ever so sweet."

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