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Junior Grange

Where the best memories are made

Junior Grange is open to children ages 5 through 13 and allows kids to learn about the world around them while growing into responsible, engaged citizens. 

From various local, state and National Grange programming, children will have hands-on experience, age-appropriate activities that encourage their sense of community and their own place within it, and offer unparalleled leadership opportunities. 

What we do

Our Motto: Empowering them learn, laugh and lead

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Learning and exploring beyond the classroom

In a test-driven environment, sometimes learning comes in the form of getting your hands dirty - something we encourage. Growing vegetables and learning basic cooking skills is one example of a standard Junior Grange project. Juniors will go on field trips, participate in craft and speaking competitions and so much more, all ways to prepare them for success.

Donation Boxes

Growing a generation of hometown do•ers

What sets the Junior Grange apart? Our members don't just learn by example - they lead. 

Since 1888, children have been empowered to make their own decisions about activities and outreach they want to pursue. Just like the "adult" Grange, Junior members are encouraged to identify needs of their peers and community and do something to help. When they select a service project, they have an engaged group of adults prepared to participate and mentor as they go.

Kids with Capes

A Nationwide Network

As a chapter of a national, fraternal organization, our Junior members connect with kids like them from across the state and nation. From a pen pal program, to participating in local, state and National competitions, to the invitation to attend the State Junior Grange Camp, the opportunities for friendship are wide open.

Passport Program

Children can explore topics of interest and share their knowledge

Here are just a few examples of Junior Passports your child can earn.

Explore the United States

Learn more about each of our States as well as our flag and much more. New Passports coming soon exploring various national parks and monuments.

Learn about the Grange's 150+ years of service

From our founders to our victories on behalf of rural Americans, Junior Grangers can learn more about the Grange history and influence since 1867.

Discover career paths & ways to improve our world

Junoir members can review broad topics, such as the concept of food waste and ways to reduce it at home. From there, they may be inspired to create service projects or learning opportunities for their peers or adults in our hometowns.

In addition, a variety of Passports introduce career paths through exploration, engagement opportunities and mentoring. 

New Passports are always welcome. If Junior leaders or members of Jefferson Grange #1384 create a learning opportunity, it can be submitted to the National Junior Grange director to be disseminated to members across the country.



Junior Director/Junior Assistant Steward

Michelle Brozana-Zimmerman

Michelle lives in Orwigsburg and is a mom of two. She enjoys bringing children a variety of opportunities to have fun, expand their horizons and become leaders in their own right. She serves as a leader for children in her local church and has her background clearances.

Children Heaping Hands

Join now

Junior Grange members are children age 5 through 13 who wish to learn, grow and make a difference in their communities. Age-specific programming, events and other opportunities await. 


Children can apply to become members in on step. All Junior applicants are accepted into membership upon receipt of the application form, one-time application fee ($1) and payment of annual dues ($12 one-time or $1 per month).

Parent/guardian membership in the Grange is not required but highly recommended. Family membership is only $10 per month. Click below for adult or family membership application.

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