Our Officers & Directors

We believe these members to be well skilled in our work, and observant of the noble precepts of our Order, and have no doubt that they will discharge the important duties of their offices with fidelity.


Rachel Brobst


Rachel Brobst was a former member of Jefferson Grange from 2009-2012 having served as Chaplain. She lives in New Ringgold with her husband and their daughters. Rachel is a personal care assistant and CNA. She loves art and singing, especially songs from the 60s and 70s.

The role of the president is to conduct meetings efficiently and with neutrality. A large responsibility of the president when members are addressing issues is to maintain a civil environment and not allow partisanship as part of the discussion. They agree as part of their installation that they "will not take advantage of the position to bias in any way, either directly or indirectly, the political or religious opinions of any member of the Order."

"You may encounter difficulties. Overcome them, remembering that difficulties are but opportunities to test our abilities."


Victor Barreto Rios

Vice President

Victor Barreto Rios has been a member of Valley Grange #1360, in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, and a charter member of New Deal Grange #447 in Greenbelt, Maryland. He works in IT support and lives in East Brunswick Township. He is a Mexican league soccer fan and an animal lover. You can find him many nights walking his three dogs at the trail by the Blue Mountain Elementary East/Middle School complex.

The vice president is a vital link in the chain of a Grange in action. This officer is charged with ensuring that which the Grange has voted to do is done in a timely fashion. As such, at Jefferson Grange, the vice president serves as an ex officio member of most committees. The vice president also steps in to run the meeting whenever the president is unavailable to do so or if the president would like to speak on a matter up for a vote of the Grange. 

"Of all the sweeteners of human toil, of all the motive powers that give alacrity to the hand or foot, readiness to the will, and intelligence to the mind and purpose, the quickest and most enduring in results is the kind word spoken in season."

Liz Kattner.jpeg

Liz Kattner


Liz Kattner lives in Orwigsburg. She is a new Grange member, excited to find ways to help others and build her own leadership skills. She works as a distribution specialist. She is a plant enthusiast and mother of two grown sons. 

The Lecturer, also known as the Program Director, sees that "information for the Good of the Order [is] promptly laid before the Grange." This officer designs and presents a program of educational or entertainment value at each meeting or provides programming through other events that are open to the community at large. While this officer coordinates such activities, they need not always be the one to present the program but may instead have outside speakers or other members expert in the area lead for that period.

Finally, this officer serves as our Community Service director, helping to coordinate with other members of our Grange on our outreach. They serve as our POC to the State and National Grange in these efforts.

"Especially urge and encourage the young and the diffident to become writers, readers and speakers in Grange meetings, and thus develop and direct to greater usefulness the latent abilities of your fellow members."


Mykal McCulloch


Mykal lives in and works for the Borough of Schuylkill Haven. He is an avid paintball player and super fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He coaches the Schuylkill Haven High School Lady Canes Soccer team and assists with a variety of teams throughout the year that his daughters, Reagan and Taylor, play on. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Natalie.

The Steward holds an especially important position, one that requires foresight and creativity in seeing the talents of members and encouraging them to their fullest potential. At Jefferson Grange, our Steward, in conjunction with the President, identifies members for committees and encourages formal and informal mentoring experiences. This officer is also charged with securing a location for meetings and events and helping to smooth any tensions and ensure the Grange operates without strife, especially among members by encouraging active listening and fellowship.

"Your duty in the Grange is to learn the qualifications of new [members], then assign them their proper places, and set them to work. It requires good judgment on your part. You are also to see that each one is suitably rewarded for his/[her] labor."


Connor Czarick

Assistant Steward

Connor lives in Minersville and is a student at Gillingham Charter School in Pottsville. He is an active Boy Scout looking forward to finishing requirements in order to begin his Eagle Scout project. He loves to learn and is always willing to volunteer to help others.

The Assistant Steward of Jefferson Grange will serve as the director of our Youth (14-22) and Young Adult Program (23-35), ensuring they have a variety of opportunities to make a difference in their communities, for their peers, and grow in the process of doing.

Along with the Junior Assistant Steward, these officers will assist with member and guest recognition and special events. 


Michelle Zimmerman

Junior Assistant Steward

Michelle is a physical therapist with St. Luke's in Orwigsburg. She is a born comedian and always has a fun, family-friendly joke to tell. She is an animal lover and is active in her church. She lives in Orwigsburg with her husband, Jeffrey, and their two children, Adam and Paige, who are part of our Junior Grange.

The Junior Assistant Steward of Jefferson Grange will serve as the director of our Junior program for children ages 5-13. They will ensure our youngest members have ample opportunity to learn and grow, encourage them to learn about the needs of our community and their peers that are meaningful to them and carry out service projects.


Abby Konkus


Abby is a Freshman at Blue Mountain High School and is interested in going into early childhood development/childcare after graduation. She is creative and loves expressing herself through various art projects. She is a third-generation Grange member. She is active in her church and high school band. 

During Grange meetings and events, the Chaplain offers a nonsectarian prayer or inspirational reflection and provides comfort to members and those in our community who find themselves in time of need.


Lindsay Cohan


Lindsay lives with her son, Connor and husband, Seth, in Minersville - though the house hunt is on. She works for Evans Delivery Company in Schuylkill Haven after many years with Hillside SPCA. 

The treasurer provides a monthly update on the financial matters of Jefferson Grange #1384 and ensures the dues are collected promptly, recorded and portions due the State and National Grange are remitted.

Amanda Brozana.jpg

Amanda Brozana Rios


The first Grange Amanda Brozana Rios joined was Jefferson Grange #1384 in 2011. Since then, she has been a member of various Granges nearby where she has lived, including Potomac Grange #1, Washington, D.C., New Deal Grange #447, Greenbelt, Maryland; and Valley Grange #1360, in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania. She works for the National Grange as Membership, Leadership Development and Communications Director and was elected as National Grange Lecturer, serving from 2015-16.

The secretary of Jefferson Grange #1384 will take minutes at all regular meetings of the Grange and ensure they are provided for dissemination to the membership within a few days after the meeting has closed. These minutes are the history of our work and proof when necessary to financial institutions, the State Grange and other entities. This officer also ensures all members have access to information provided by the State and National Grange and any other relevant bodies. Finally, the Secretary maintains our website and sends our e-newsletter, liaises with local partners and ensures new member applications are forwarded to the membership for review and to the State Grange once approved.


Natalie McCulloch


Natalie loves her hometown of Schuylkill Haven and bleeds blue and gold. She is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Haven Line Industries and graduate of Washington College. She is the mother of Reagan and Taylor, who both enjoy Junior and PJ Club activities with the Grange.

The Greeter welcomes guests to our meetings and introduces them to our membership. When persons of honor are in attendance, the Greeter informs the President so they may be recognized. This officer, having the distinction of being the one to make a first impression for our Grange, also serves as our membership director.


Torie Konkus

Civic Engagement Director

Torie is a Junior at Blue Mountain High School. She is an honor student who also participates in several extracurricular activities and sports including band and softball. She is a third-generation Grange member who looks forward to going into the Air Force after high school. She has coordinated several Quilts of Valor presentations for our Grange to honor local veterans and was the primary author of an op-ed submitted by the Grange that was published in the Republican-Herald commending students who stood up for seniors in 2021 who sought to wear military stoles for graduation.

Our Civic Engagement Director presents the flag at all official Grange events and leads our membership in activities related to an informed and engaged citizenship. This officer encourages patriotism, honoring service members and veterans, and members' involvement in advocacy and the democratic process.

When the Grange was founded, the offices of Ceres, Pomona and Flora were created to honor various parts of agriculture. These officers were charged with helping to refine the work of our meetings and serve as a symbol of our respect for women, who have been given equal voice and vote in the organization since its inception. As a way to honor this history, the Civic Engagement Director was established, a nod to the role of Ceres who was the flag-bearer. This officer also performs the functions of Legislative Director for our Grange.

Hannah Burke.jpeg

Hannah Burke

Food and Agriculture Director

Hannah is a Senior at Blue Mountain High School. She is an honor student with many activities both in school and in the community that she takes part in or leads. She is a Borlaug Scholar and recipient of the 2021 Young Woman of Conservation Leadership award from PennFuture. She has also received numerous awards for her work to establish a community garden in Schuylkill Haven and is in the process of re-establishing the greenhouses at Blue Mountain High School. She started her own business in 8th grade - Best Buds All Natural Gardening Company - and maintains it to this day. She plans to study agriculture in college.

Our Food and Agriculture Director helps to link our present and past. The Grange, founded as a fraternity for farm families, has always had at its core an interest in agriculture. Today this interest is for both the producer and consumer sides. At Jefferson Grange, this officer helps to promote a greater understanding of our local food system and encourages us to support or grow food security programs in our community. They also help to coordinate potlucks and refreshments among our membership at meetings and events.

This directorship honors the original ceremonial office of Pomona, one which promoted growth and improvement with a keen eye to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables.


Will Bildheiser

Personal Development and Family Activities Director

Will is a quality supervisor at East Penn Manufacturing and lives in Schuylkill Haven. He and his wife, Marie, have two daughters, Val and Vanessa, who are also members of Jefferson Grange. Will enjoys the outdoors and finding new solutions to everyday problems. 

Our Personal Development and Family Activities Director seeks to introduce members to various life skills, home management and handicrafts that can provide members with knowledge to encourage personal sustainability and possible creative outlets.

As a nod to the traditional office of Flora, whose job it was to encourage members to maintain personal tranquility and a cheerful home, this director works to provide knowledge that will improve our members' homes and lives. This office also performs the functions of Family Activities Director for our Grange.


At Jefferson Grange #1384, this officer, along with the Advocacy and Citizenship Director and the Food and Agriculture Director, consistently allow us to fulfill one of our core objectives: to build a more sustainable and resilient membership and community.


Josiah Meck

Executive Committe (at large)

Josiah Meck is a farm boy through and through. He is a true artist with wood, creating at his home lumber mill and woodshop stunning cutting boards, cups and more out of different hard and soft varieties found throughout the Commonwealth. He has been featured in the online publication VoyagePhoenix and sells his creations online and at local craft fairs. He is married to Angela and the couple owns Honey Brook Farms located just outside of Schuylkill Haven. They have three young children who enjoy Junior and PJ Club activities with the Grange.


Barbara Weller

Executive Committe (at large)

Barbara lives in Friedensburg and is blissfully retired after more than 30 years as a quality control specialist in a plastic films plant. She is a volunteer for Meals on Wheels and an as-often-as-able blood donor.  She is the wife of Ross, mother of three grown children, Amanda, Tyler (USAF) and Justin (USMC), and grandmother of Genevieve. 

The Jefferson Grange #1384 Executive Committee includes two at large members not holding another office in the Grange, in addition to the President, Vice President and Treasurer. This committee may act only in times of emergency between meetings of the Grange.