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Heartfelt humor drives home a point about the importance, legacy of Grange

The National Grange Foundation held a Virtual Telethon today to raise funds for the Youth/Young Adult and Junior programs, targeted activities for 14- to 35-year olds and 5- to 13-year-olds respectively. These programs allow our youngest members to come to our annual National Convention, provide travel opportunities for those selected as Ambassadors and offer a variety of leadership training programs and more.

Prior to the event, and unknown to its organizers, a former New Jersey Ambassador, now a father of two, produced a humorous but poignent video talking about how participation in Grange at an early age can have positive, lifelong benefits. Every parent - no, every person who has bemoaned the screenification of culture - can get a chuckle out of his video and appreciate its overall message.

You can watch this 3 minute video and get a sense of just how much a child in your life might get out of being part of the Grange.

If you're moved, you're always welcome to donate to the Grange Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that may provide you tax benefits for your philanthropy. You may also just wish to share our site with parents and grandparents you know and tell them: the Grange has so much to offer in the real world, and can truly make a difference in our communities and for each of us.

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