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Get 'em hooked

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In 2022, the Orwigsburg Children's Trout Rodeo returns to Fishers Dam for children 13 and under. This free event is designed to encourage kids and parents to spend some time in the great outdoors learning a skill that encourages personal development, sustainability and resilience. Jefferson Grange is proud to be a fiscal sponsor of the event. Read more below to learn how you can participate, volunteer or donate.


Children 13 & under

From 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, May 20 and 21, you and your child can come to Fishers Dam to make memories and enjoy this free event. Bring your own equipment or for those new to fishing, a limited about of equipment will be available to borrow. Prizes will be given for a variety of categories. No fishing license is required for children. Adults should only assist in instructing and helping to reel in catches for children unable to handle the rods on their own. Questions may be directed to organizer Jamie Bainbridge at (570) 728-5088.


Limited opportunities available

Veteran fishers may assist in instructing families or children on how to bait, cast, reel in and unhook catches. Other volunteers are needed to help with day-of food, merchandise and fundraising sales.

We take children's safety seriously, so volunteers should only work with children with a parent or guardian present or in teams of two with permission of event organizers. 

To volunteer, contact organizer Jamie Bainbridge at (570) 728-5088 by voice or text.


Cash and prizes needed to make this event a success

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to support this free event.  The cost to stock Fishers Dam alone is more than $2,500, so anything you can donate is greatly appreciated. You can make cash donations to organizer Jamie Bainbridge [contact at (570) 728-5088 to arrange pick up or get mailing address] or make your donations by check, made out to Jefferson Grange Fishing Rodeo and send to Jefferson Grange Secretary Amanda Brozana Rios, 1509 Red Dale Road, Orwigsburg, PA 17961. You can also donate via CashApp at $FISHINGRODEO. Please include your name and mailing address or email address with your contribution so you may be thanked. Your contribution may be tax deductible. Contact your tax advisor. 


You may donate items for prizes, including tackle, rods, etc. Contact organizer Jamie Bainbridge at (570) 728-5088 to make arrangements for pick up or drop off of any donated items.

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