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 . .more. In the distant future, the world is suffering from a great crisis. The war between the people and the Titans in a lost city of Atlantis has been fought for 10 years. However, a new threat has appeared and humanity’s only hope is Zeus. Story A new generation of heroes is born as a new threat has appeared. Their story will be told in a sequel to Starfist. Gameplay During battles, the player can perform various special skills. Special skills cannot be selected until the character’s bar is full. Attacks that take the form of a light color will be performed with a speed penalty. There are two ways to recover health: one is by consuming an item that will restore HP, and the other is by walking. To walk, one must click on the road icon on the bottom of the screen. Powers The player can also control the powers of the characters through special skills, which are activated by pressing the trigger button. Special skills can be used even when in the air, and are always activated when the button is pressed for a few seconds. Special skills are divided into two categories: sacred and weapon. The weapon type includes fists, swords, axes, and staffs. The sacred type can be used to call gods to assist the player. Each god has unique powers and roles. Castle A town with a city hall, the tavern, the hauler, and a few houses can be built. Construction materials include stone, lumber, paper, and stone tiles. It is possible to craft various items with a shop in the city hall. Items Unique items include the dress of Medusa, which changes the Medusa into a hero who looks cute. It is also possible to create a special weapon, a necklace that will call up the God of Thunder. The enemy gods can also be summoned to assist you, and each god has their own weapons. Weapon types include fists, axes, swords, and staffs. Synopsis When the world is suffering from a great crisis, mankind’s only hope is Zeus. The player will be able to control the powers of the gods, including the God of Thunder and the God of Love, and fight with them against various enemies



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